Psychic protection

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Psychic protection

If you have ever experienced a real psychic attack then you certainly will want to know about psychic protection. I write this having experienced it and more than once.

On both occasions it was extremely  unpleasant.  Both times I was quite ill in a very short space of time. The first one was when I had gone out for a meal at a Casino at Brighton on the South Coast. We only went for the food (honest) ! There were four of us and we all had exactly  the same identical dishes. Later that evening I was quite ill and the effects stayed all of the next day a Sunday.

I felt like 90 years old – every thing was a struggle – I felt I had been knocked out and run over by a Lorry at the same time! By about 6 pm that evening I felt ok to drive back to London as I had a busy work schedule on Monday.  As soon as I got home about 9 pm I rang a contact who knew much more than I did on these kind of things.

One piece of key advice  was to go to sleep with a a visualized suit of Armour on and a sword!.  Strange as it might sound the sword was used in my sleep! Quite a few times!!!!!

This as it turned out was negative energy from a very dark person energy wise.

On the Monday I rang someone who I had heard about from the college of psychic studies in London and had a very early meeting.  That person was able to confirm that I had 3 links to others who were draining my energy! They also provided me with some great ideas on psychic protection. All of these links had to be broken and they were.

Psychic attack can occur quite often occur without any specific intention. Sometimes it can happen by being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Sometimes however some one could be trying to put a hex on you.  

Simply giving another person healing or protection when they are troubled or not well can sometimes mean that you pick up their energy. Even possibly making a link which can then drain you. If you are a healer or you give faith healing you must protect your self and clear away any negative energy that might remain.

You could have a partner in your aura and whilst that may not be a totally bad thing it is not something I would recommend.  It happened to me ONCE and she was the love of my life! But my guide advised me that it is best to cut the link as otherwise you are not as independent as you should be.

At first it takes a little bit of getting used to be able to implement psychic protection.

However once you start to implement it then  it comes naturally to you as if it is by second nature. 

 It is very similar to being grounded and effectively being in control of  ones own space.

 I found out that my energy levels were often up-and-down and occasionally this would happen after a phone call from a specific person. This person , probably unwittingly, was draining my energy!

I suppose that like many  other people one is always sceptical of this kind of thing. After all I was an accountant and didn’t really believe in things of this nature. I was used to doing tax returns and preparing accounts!

 The lady that I saw was just amazing an expert on pyschic attack and more importantly psychic protection.  She works with over 50 spirit guides in a year.

She described to me three distinct people who had links to me. 

Two of the descriptions were amazingly accurate. Like their nationality one not being originally from the UK but from the USA.  A another she described me eating in a restaurant with another! 

I found it hard to identify one of the individuals but with just a little  more information it then became quite easy.

Quite simply we went through a meditation to cut the links and more or less immediately my energy levels improved.  No longer did I feel these energy losses. 

I asked about the lady who was in my aura and was  then my current girlfriend and it was suggested that that I should remove her from my aura because being there meant that I might come  under her control.

The lady in question is now my partner  and to make sure I can look after her in a full relationship I take the treatment for Erectile Dysfunction which is Sildamax. Having used this myself I can confirm that  this is very good and you can get more information here Sildamax 100mg

Having links with one’s children is perfectly normal stop likewise one probably has links with ones pets even when they have passed on.

A link as I describe could be likened to the internet where various sites can link with each other and share knowledge.