Mens Health Ideas


Every body needs some ideas on health.

Even more so men who are say over fifty and perhaps a little over weight.

As was reportedly recently in the Daily Telegraph on 14th December 2017 “Half of English adults now on medication”.

This is so true when it comes to Mens health.

The most popular demand is for pills  for blood pressure and statins to reduce cholesterol.

Statins are one of the most effective and beneficial medicines that one can take.  Many people have a cholesterol level in the range of 5.6 / 5.9 but by taking the lowest amount of  statin very often the level drops to a 4.6 which is much better.

Blood pressure often known as Hyper Tension.

A tablet to reduce blood pressure can be very helpful.

The heart is a very strong pump and if there is high blood pressure than the out flowing valve from the heart could be torn. This is extremely dangerous rather like turning off the main breaker switch in to a house. All systems will fail !!!!  This is so serious that 1 in  5 die in the Ambulance before they get to the hospital! Another 30/40% die in the next day or so. The Survival rate is sadly quite low.

The tablet helps to reduce the pressure so that a tear does not occur.

In addition the is the question of mens health and by that I do not mean man flu.

The age old problem of erectile dysfunction

For help in that regard there is a site here  sildamax paypal

Sildamax contains sildenafil citrate which is the active ingredient in the famous little blue pill!