Angel Cards



Angel Cards are not like playing cards that have 52 in the pack so that  the actual number of cards in different  decks will vary.

The majority have pictures but not all for example Angels of Light cards haven’t any.

Angel cards can help to provide reassurance one owns personal journey in life by providing  clarity and guidance.

The Doreen Virtue Angel  Cards have very been a firm favourite of mine and very possibly been one of the most popular Angel Cards over the last few years. Usually they come with an instruction booklet.

I think that the “Original Angel Cards” are ,by far, the most simple with just one word cards.

The Diana Cooper Angels of Light cards are great if you want the text on the card rather than simply in a book.

There is magic in each and every card, and usually you will see that.

The “magic” ,of course is how we are drawn to the “correct card” for you. Very similar in many ways as to how one can pick the correct Tarot Cards for a reading.



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