Psychic Attack

The way to avoid Psychic Attack is to keep fully protected.

How strange it is that when certain people stay in my house for some reason we just didn’t seem to like the atmosphere that they left behind when they’ve left.

Another time working at a particular clients I get this strange feeling that somebody is looking at me. I could feel the energy.

I glance up and right across the office is  a lady  looking across at me at some plus 40 feet peering through through her glasses pinned to the end of the nose in such a way that she doesn’t want me to see that she is spying on me.  A very creepy person to say the least. She was really a modern witch!

I subsequently found out that she had a very dark energy. A professional psychic said that she had strong energy which was less than posititive!! He had to take a few deep breaths afterwards and could sense her energy and power!

Other more general   examples could be someone who lives outside of the city and when they  travel into town they  can feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of all people rushing past.

People often feel completely exhausted by travelling on the rush hour tube underground. All of these are very common issues something caused by a reaction to the images and energy which we passed through.

From example in some places of worship  often you can  find  positive energy to make you feel particularly good.

I find this in Circular churches where the energy flows.

Obviously people react to different landscapes for example many people feel happy when they are beside the sea or indeed in sunlight.

There are times of the year when the sunlight is much reduced and all of us feel that we have less energy.

And it’s been accepted for one to have a healthy and fulfilled life it’s important to be able to understand and work with with the vibrations that affect you.

We are all creatures of vibration and we react to energy and light.

Many restaurants use the colour red as part of the décor as that colour makes us feel hungry.  Orange has a similar effect and for many years MacDonald’s the golden arches restaurant trade chain  used that colour for that very reason.

I have experienced what I would call psychic attack and have found that by using psychic protection it has been very beneficial to minimise and indeed cancel the attack.

I have also found that protection can be extremely helpful for example avoiding a serious road traffic accident. If you know how a car can be pushed sideways across two lanes and thus out of danger please let me know!

However I think it would be better to expand on those instances in more details at a later date and will do so.

But just to give you a taster I had an experience of my car being pushed sideways out of danger. Just ask ones self what kind of energy can do that. I think you would need a Centurion  Tank to generate that kind of energyenergy!

I think that using golden light and energy can keep us healthy into later life when undoubtedly the ageing process will naturally take its toll.

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It is very effective and works usually with in 20 minutes.