Tarot Cards


The art of reading Tarot Cards has long been revered for giving detailed and accurate forecasts.

I have used Tarot Cards  a few  times and found it very useful just to get confirmation of where I was in my life with a certain project or issue.

Each and every time I found that using the Tarot was beneficial.

The first time I had a proper reading I was staying at a Spa Hotel for a week end break it was in February 2002.    I had never met the reader before and I remember waiting on the Sunday at the end of the week end as this reader only attended in the early evening.

Well I nearly fell over as she was able to pick out some really amazing information from the cards.

I obviously don’t want to go into all the details but the reader was able to identify;

That I was involved in some form of serious  legal matter over a dispute. In fact I was following on from this dispute a key witness in a case that reached the Royal  Courts of Justice in the Strand.

She went on to describe that there was a key woman involved and that she was very awkward and difficult to deal with.

Basically she marked my card to be very careful in any deaings with this person. The advice given was amazingly sound,

Obviously there was much more information than this but I wanted to highlight what for me were key issues and helpful guidance.

Now when you start to do Tarot as I’m sure you will at first you might not get the fell for the cards that you would like.

But take it from me it doesn’t take too long before you will get the hang and feel for the cards.

When you do it will come naturally to you and your other senses will tune in as well.